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6 Software that Allows You to Run Android on PC

Here are six softwares that bring Android to your desktop.GenyMotion,Android Studio’s Android Emulator, BlueStacks,Android X86.org Android on PC,Anbox,Bliss OS.

6 Software that Allows You to Run Android on PC

Here are six softwares that bring Android to your desktop.

1. GenyMotion

GenyMotion is an Android Virtual Device that runs on Oracle’s VirtualBox software. If what you want is an adoption of the Android OS in its original form, then this is the solution for you.


The features of GenyMotion remain its best perks. It comes packed with over 3,000 different configurations for Android. Also, if you prefer to switch between different screen sizes and resolutions, then you are in for a treat.

2. Android Studio’s Android Emulator

This one from Google is another powerful Android to PC solution. Like GenyMotion, the Android Emulator operates on a layer inside your PC. It is the native solution from Google for running Android devices on PC, and it does it pretty well.


To get the Android Virtual Device, you’ll need to install Android studio first, and then run the Virtual Device from the app.

3. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the old-time favorites for running Android OS on PC. It is built upon the native Android, so it is capable of supporting the millions of apps on Google Play. And you can access Play from inside the app.


4. Android X86.org Android on PC

This Android-x86 OS leverages the power of the open source community to deliver on its promise. It is a full-featured Android on PC, designed to run independently on PC. It requires VirtualBox to be installed and run on your PC, though.


5. Anbox

Anbox, or Android in a Box, is an open source Android-to-PC project. The Apache and GPLv3 license covers this project.


Anbox runs its Android kernel in a Linux subsystem sandbox. This project doesn’t have emulation layers, so it does not virtualize your hardware. This feature makes it run fast.

The project integrates with the host OS to give users a feature-rich experience. And it works on both mobile devices and laptops.

6. Bliss OS


Another contender for the top spot is Bliss OS. Started as an open source project, this OS has morphed to become one of the best Android OS available. It is also a true multi-tasking workhorse.

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