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I am working on Machine Learning, Python and Django.
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What is Machine Learning ?

The art and science of : Giving Computers the ability to learn, To make decisions from data, Without being explicitly programmed .

The art and science of :

  1. Giving Computers the ability to learn
  2. To make decisions from data
  3. Without being explicitly programmed

Examples :

  1. Learning to predict whether an email is spam or not.
  2. Clustering Wikipedia entries into different categories

Types Of Machine Learning :

1.Supervised Learning

Use Labeled Data

-> Predictor variables/features and a target variable

-> Aim : Predict the target variable, given the predictor variables.

  1. Classification : Target variable consist of Categories

   2. Regression : Target variable is Continuous.

-> Naming Conventions

   1. Features = Predictor Variables = Independent Variables

   2. Target Variable = Response Variables = Dependent Variables

-> Examples of Supervised Learning :

   1. Automate time-consuming or expensive manual tasks.

      -> Ex: Doctor's diagnosis

   2. Make Predictions about the future.

      -> Ex: Will Customer click on an Ad or not.

   3. Need Labeled Data

      -> Historical data with labels

      -> Experiments to get labeled data

      -> Crowd - Sourcing labeled data

2.Unsupervised Learning

Uses Unlabeled data
  1. Making hidden patterns from unlabeled data
  2. Example : Grouping customers into different categories (Clustering)

3.Reinforcement Learning

Software agents interact with an environment.
  1. Learn how to optimize their behaviour.
  2. Given a system of rewards and punishments.
  3. Draw inspiration from behavioral psychology.

-> Applications

   1. Economics

   2. Genetics

   3. Game Playing

-> Alpha Go : First computer to defeat the world champion in Go.

To get started with Machine Learning here is the path to get started : https://mlait.tech/learning-path-to-machine-learning/